See You Later 2017...Hello 2018!

See You Later 2017...Hello 2018!

My family has always taught me to NEVER say goodbye... it's "See you later..." my grandmother would say to me with a stern but loving voice. Which in return I've kept that close and dear to my heart and has stuck with me to this day as an adult. So to that I say...


You have taught me so many things that I will cherish for a lifetime as I cross over to this new path in 2018. You have taught me that my journey is my own and I shall go at my own pace. Never be afraid to speak my own truth. Embrace and enjoy those around me, and cleansing my life of the negative energy when my soul says it is time. I've laughed, cried, been terrified of the unknown but I still came out on the other end a little bit stronger than when I started. To my fellow beings who are just trying to live their best life do me a favor and JUST BE GREAT.

NO NEW YEAR, NEW ME SHENANIGANS. But, New Year better evolved me in 2018.

Happy Holidays + Happy New Year!