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SumCute Taught Me

BeautyIndie Lee7 Comments
SumCute Taught Me

*WARNING - A good amount of GIFs were used in the process to create this post to express my emotions OF EXCITEMENT during this wonderful event. Enjoy.*

Greetings Peeps!

So, I’ve been MIA (AHHHH YES, Yes I have) but it’s me folks y’all know ME! I work hard and I always have some awesome stories, projects, and events to catch you guys up on! So let’s not be P E T T Y and jump right on into the greatness.

Starting with my most recent event I attended which was hosted by a great friend and fellow Boss Babe of mine Ms. Desiree Browden aka Ms. SumCute. When I tell you guys Desiree was not playing no games with this Makeup Class, she came to snatch edges and beat faces.

the arrangement

So before we jump straight into the agenda - let’s talk setup which was amazing! She had a cute backdrop to take before, after, group, and selfie pictures. A refreshment table, along with a gift bag for everyone who attended, AND each seat had a cute standup mirror with lights and cleaning materials just in case you messed up and needed to start over during the lesson. Now…I am the type to always forget S O M E T H I N G ( no matter what it may be) - so this definitely made me feel happy and at ease. Thank you girl!


The lesson plan started out with a brief overview describing a few basic makeup and skincare rules just to keep your face healthy and clean as well as your products. Jumping straight into eyebrow, eyeshadow and eyeliner techniques along with a demo to show the newbies (myself included) how to properly get the color payoff we deserve. With a lot of laughs and full faces submerged in our mini mirrors the ladies and myself came back up with excitement in our tones. Giving the frequent “ Yasss, biiiii you better werk”, or “Girl YOU DID GOOD!” and… it usually followed with a head tilt that said “Girl I know I’m cute …Nobody can tell me nothing” look. 😂 P R I C E L E S S 😂

We followed with a lesson on proper foundation application and creating the perfect lippie. By this time the class had almost reached its stopping point which I was super sad for because we didn’t get a chance to go over lashes BUT Desiree being the Boss Babe she is included a set of lashes in her gift bags as our practice HOMEWORK for the following week. She briefly went over technique and even sent us a guide and a product list via email that definitely helped. I came out of the class feeling like a brand new woman ready to practice and dominate in this makeup game.

Check out some of the pictures from the event and the lovely ladies that attended. Be sure to click the links below to follow Desiree and be notified on her next moves. Comment below if you’re a makeup junkie like myself but is not quite there with your skills (JUST YET) 😁 Until next time lovelies!

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* Her next upcoming makeup class will be to get spiced up for Valentine’s Day! 😍❤️ Be on the lookout for tickets to this event! *

* Special Thank You to her family and friends who came out to support and help make this experience amazing! *