New York Style Fashion Week - Day 1

New York Style Fashion Week - Day 1


So let me start by saying that even though we were not able to go view the opening day of fabulous designers for Style Fashion Week we still had so much fun just hanging out and exploring around the big apple. So... Lets start from the beginning and give you guys a few quick recaps.

5 AM:

Anyone who knows me knows I am so not a morning person - duh. It's obvious...I'm a creative we stay up to the crack of dawn but can not physically wake up that early to save anyones life. That being said we stayed up for a final fitting + packing with the help of my little sister Jazmine and very good friend and stylist Jade Lesure (please go check out their awesome platforms). But, due to the urge of wanting everything perfect 5am rolls around and OFF TO THE AIRPORT WE MUST GO - with NO SLEEP.


Sooo I love and hate the airport at the same time - who doesn't. This particular morning not only were there a lot of cranky people spazzing out about missing their flights but my sister, Rey, and I were in the midst of everyone losing their minds. But, with the help of a few TSA peeps we got through with no problems and a few quick steps we made it JUST in time before they closed the gate. *whew* WE MADE IT!


Once we got settled into our little cozy Airbnb in Williamsburg we did what anyone would do. GO EAT and EXPLORE the city. That first night we went to what seemed like across the entire city. From Williamsburg - Chelsea Market - Times Square - Lukes Lobsters - Financial District - and more. See a few quick highlights below of our first day enjoying the city.

Special Thanks to our amazing Airbnb Hosts. They treated us like family and showed us some great places to eat and hang out. They even introduced us to this wonderful bakery that was within a 5 minute walk.

Come back to check out the details from New York Style Fashion Week - Day 2 featuring some incredible shots done by Sofia Mercedes and Rey Contreras.