New York Style Fashion Week - Day 2

New York Style Fashion Week - Day 2


Today was the most exciting day for all of us. We woke up and got breakfast from this cute corner bagel bakery with anything and everything you could imagine. AH-MAZING. Then, of course the process of "getting ready" began *insert eyeroll here* Let me be honest... I love looking fabulous but when you are doing the process on your own it is very tedious and daunting... Just FYI if anyone cares for this reason IM LOOKING FOR A GLAM SQUAD. But that is neither here nor there...let us continue.


The event was held at this beautiful place called Cipriani. Very elegant, stylish, great music, art, and visuals to enjoy in between each show.


Let me start off by saying that all the designers featured were INCREDIBLE but of course I had some personal faves! Lets start with upon arrival it was in the middle of Ydamys Simo displaying the children's portion of the collection. Super cute and fashion forward for little ones around the globe. Alina Petra collection followed shortly after which was tastefully subtle and beautiful with very intricate details. Emma Altman's collection came strutting down the runway with an edgy kawaii vibe giving me bright colors, mix match textures, and patterns. By the way, I loved the cute accessories that they paired with each piece - especially the choker that said "fetch" on it (total mean girl vibes). Then, Brian Wood made us speechless with his vibrant, funky Puerto Rican Snow Leopard inspired collection - which reminded me of the heavy hitting 90s color blocking trend - CLASSIC!


Now - lets pause here ladies and gents... Before I begin just know the next three designers were my faves. They really made me want to push myself to become the best on that stage one day! Each of them had their own flair from visuals to their personal collections to just plain influence on the community.


Her collection was both classy - sassy and everything mixed in between. I loved the bold color choices and even the bold statements she had her models make on the runway. The makeup was P-O-P-P-I-N-G like Lil' mamas lipgloss and the music was bomb too. Had some of us turning up like it was a free before 11 type of Saturday night - but that story will be for a later date.


Now, as soon as the lights went out I KNEW Adrian was about to snatch some edges and not give them back. His fashion visuals gave me a mixture of Beyonce slay meets Lady Gaga weird - but definitely in a good way. Not only was his visuals inspiring the Issa Rae within me but out of every designer featured on Day 2 - he had the most pieces hitting that runway. When I tell you I barely got any photos or videos during this show because I was so FOCUSED on living in the moment and not miss ANYTHING. Definitely a unique spirit setting his own expectations and marching to his own drum. L O V E!


Last but never forgotten - We have watched this reality tv star evolve herself since basketball wives. And, I for one have to admit I've never really watched reality television like that to truly understand her background and history. But, I DO know that since she launched Mint Swim I have watched and followed her amazing journey with this brand. So, naturally I was excited to see that she would be showcasing her collection as the finale on Day 2. Very fun and flirty pieces that honestly made me want to start getting it right and tight in the gym before summer time hits. But, lets be honest in the famous words of my love Kid Fury - I cant go from zebra cakes to zucchini in a day. Watch Draya give us a little something to look forward to for summertime 2018.

Special thanks to Style Fashion Week for allowing myself and my team to experience such an amazing weekend! It was a wonderful opportunity to not only push myself but my team as well.

To my BOMB TEAM thank you guys for making this trip worth it for the books!

Photography By: Rey Contreras + Sofia Mercedes