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The Art Experience

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The Art Experience

Road trips have always been a passion for me. I love traveling to different places embracing the culture, food, people, the views, and more. My short weekend getaway to Santa Fe, New Mexico was everything I needed plus more. Of course I couldn't go alone - I had to bring my squad with me! 

The car ride was pretty long but once we pulled into our home away from home it was all worth it. Our hosts were this amazing couple and upon arrival greeted us with great conversation, a fire, beer, and popcorn. A great way to relax and end a long day of driving. Take a look at the view below but whatever you see definitely does not do this place justice.


Saturday was pretty relaxing for most of the day. Our gracious host allowed us to accompany him in the barn to do a few daily horse chores. Im a southern girl and the slight mention of horses - I AM THERE. During the day time we ended up doing a total random fun collaboration photoshoot between all of us - just to fully embrace the opportunity to make great memories with one another. Afterwards, somehow we found a lake nearby to explore ended up enjoying the water with a few failed attempts at skipping rocks in between, nice convo with the locals, and a small debate amongst ourselves about what we would do if a group of zombies came running towards us in the middle of nowhere - just FYI > zombie fanatic here < I would survive. Anyway... a few hours later Jambo Cafe ended up being our go-to eating destination before we spent the next few hours looking at art. The perfect recommendation for African - Caribbean Fusion - don't miss the opportunity to check this place out if you are ever in the city.


If you are a lover of art, music, being easily entertained, and honestly just running around like a big kid I suggest you take a few days to go and experience this Art Wonderland. You can literally get lost inside each room and never want to come out - I KNOW WE DID a few times and ended up staying inside the exhibit almost til 2 am dancing and raving with the locals.


After waking up and reminiscing the good times from the previous night we decided to do a last hoo-rah and go hiking up the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument. I will say it was an amazing and surprising experience for all of us especially being snowed on...that was definitely a weird weather change no one was expecting. And, despite us being exhausted from feeling on top of the world - we were on the road again!

New Mexico you will always be our new home away from home!

Indie x The Squad