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Fall Lookbook - Creative Collaboration

LookbookIndie LeeComment
Fall Lookbook - Creative Collaboration


The fall season to me is like the awesome introduction to the wonderful start to the holidays. For Texas it means it is the beginning of a nice chilly breeze added to the hot blazing sun from the summer months before. Where dark lipstick is the norm and a pumpkin spice latte is not too far behind. Just like any other creative I decided to let fall inspire me and with the help from a close friend of mine (side note...she is a bomb a** wardrobe stylist btw), we decided to put together a few looks for you guys. Check out some of the cool behind the scene shots while we were in the beautiful area of downtown Dallas.


So, a quick break down on some of the looks, just in case you want to try something similar for the upcoming fall season.

For my first look we went with a super cute floral jumpsuit (which I got from F21 btw), a Le Bae crop tee I designed myself (which you can purchase here on the website under the MERCH tab) along with tasteful hints of gold accessories. LOVE! I know. It can definitely be something for that transitional period from summer to fall. You can also pair this with a super cute long knit sweater or a long sleeve if you get chilly easily...totally understand.

For the second look which was totally my favorite look, we decided to spice it up a little with a pair of zebra print heels, a custard yellow flare pant, a mid sleeve white crop top tee, with some funky pink shades and gold hoops. Tell me that doesn't give you all the 70 & 80 vibes right now#FLYGIRLSTATUS.  This look can be worn as a more playful, bold work attire alternative, or a casual friday night out with the girls. Either way if you are dressing it up or down this look will definitely turn some heads.


This photoshoot and collab was EXTREMELY scary and out of my comfort zone simply because let's be honest... I'm a creative....I'm no Tyra Banks. I have the hardest time "serving face" and don't know the first thing about posing or being anyone's model...haha. But, in the end you have to tough it out, laugh at yourself, respect the growth, and have tons of fun!

Lastly, shout out to my friends for being great people to work with and being amazing at their crafts. Cheers to them and to doing something that scares you today. Live your life fully while growing from all the experiences. Trust me your future self will be glad you did! Remember the universe loves you ladies and gents until next time! 

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Photographer: Rey Contreras
Wardrobe Stylist: Jade LeSure