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Retro Roller - Creative Collaboration

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Retro Roller - Creative Collaboration

Welcome to the first ever Themed Creative Collaboration!

Where once a month I take ordinary theme ideas and put them in the hands of creatives around the DFW area to bring you snatched, slayed, and down right flawless imagery to bless your day. You will see a little insight of my process on how I create and organize photoshoots from start to finish. Sneak peeks of behind the scene footage that goes into producing such magic to finally seeing the end results. 

This months creative theme is called Retro Roller. 

The Inspiration Behind It All

The vision and inspiration for this particular look was modern day vintage with a sprinkle of roll bounce girl next door vibes. I know…so much detail but this will definitely be important for later use when it comes to selecting models, wardrobe, hair, and makeup.

The Locations

I wanted to make sure I included muted bright pops of color somewhere within this theme that could be beneficial for full body and more detailed shots. You know just to give it a little more ✨PIZAZZ✨ *jazz hands*. So we optioned to use props, and the exterior of Melt Ice Creams and The Chat Room Pub (which special thanks to them by the way for providing us with some towels while we were out there working hard in the heat).

The Dream Team

Shout out to the entire dream team for making this project come to life. I am proud, honored, and blessed to be working with such hardworking, dedicated, and creative individuals for this first project. Total “D R E A M” come true - ahhh get it! (I’m so corny) lol

Please be sure to click the linked boxes below to check out the team that made this happen. Don't forget to support these individuals by following and subscribing!


Before you begin scrolling through be sure to check out some behind the scene footage Joshua Dontae + Desiree Paul did on their YouTube Channel here. Make sure you subscribe to the channel so you don't miss any of their amazing vlogs.

And... That's All Folks. I hope you all enjoyed seeing the start of what I feel will be an amazing journey. Special thanks to Kim and Liberty for sharing this wonderful moment with us - We love you guys! Be sure to wish Ms. Liberty a Happy Birthday and congratulate her on slaying this shoot! You go girl!

Until next months theme - from all of us to you...


Indie x The Dream Team